Date Jar

Awesome Features

- Profile - Save dates and app info with a secure profile
- Pick Your Date - Easily and quickly get date ideas
- Rate A Date - Give feedback on date suggestions
- Calendar - Never miss a date, by scheduling dates to lock in plans
- Community - Be part of an extensive forum to share date experiences, and do so with the option to share anonomously
- Suggest A Date - Drop a date suggestion that could potentially be added to Date Jar
- Rewards - Using the app, generates points that can be redeemed for merch and other goodies
- Notifications - Get notifcations to never forget dates and when points are earned


Date Jar

Planning activities for dates can be challenging at times and for some even feel like a chore. This app is designed to change that and is tailored for anyone who feels that having a healthy dating life is important.

Get date suggestions that aim to build new connections and better relationships. Use this app to reactivate that spark or potentially create new ones.

Save time and hassle of trying to figure out what to do, and spend more time having FUN on dates. Enhance your love life and use Date Jar as your pocket playbook to create great new memories.

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